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House Speaker Anthony Rota is currently reviewing Conservative House Leader Gérard Deltell's question of privilege over the government's refusal to abide by an order of the House to release unredacted documents related to the firing of two scientists from Winnipeg's National Microbiology Laboratory. The Hill Times photographs by Andrew Meade and Sam Garcia

As Liberals trumpet merits of NSICOP, opposition MPs want ‘supremacy of Parliament’ respected

News|By Neil Moss
The government failed to abide by an order of the House to turnover unredacted documents related to the firing of two scientists at a Winnipeg lab leading to a Conservative question of privilege.

This is test from Grype

Centre Block reno, welcome centre construction pegged at upwards of $5-billion by PSPC, to finish by 2030-31

While PSPC anticipates construction work will be complete by 2030 or 2031, assistant deputy minister Rob Wright on June 17 noted it will be another year after that before the building is ready to be reoccupied.

Canada’s public service employee survey 2020 says: employees happier and former top agencies still on top

The COVID-19 pandemic, while affecting everyone in Canada, might also have given many employees a better sense of the value of their service to Canadians. Whatever the reason, they are a happier bunch.

So far, 18 incumbent MPs not running again, could make difference between minority, majority, or government flipping, says pollster Nanos

News|By Abbas Rana
Another reason political observers expect the election to happen this fall is the wide-ranging Bill C-30, the Budget Implementation Act, and a clause which calls on Parliament to extend the COVID-19 stimulus.

With O’Toole behind in polls, U.K. consultants unlikely to be helpful for Conservatives, say some politicos

News|By Abbas Rana
But others say the U.K. consultants have won high-profile campaigns in the recent past and will provide useful insights and a fresh perspective to the Conservative campaign in Canada.

Public Service Employee Survey results show increase in job satisfaction, awareness of mental health supports amid COVID-19 pandemic

News|By Mike Lapointe
Treasury Board President Jean-Yves Duclos says he believes the government will emerge from the pandemic with a 'stronger and even more diversified' public service that will be better able to reach out to Canadians.

NDP’s Qaqqaq says nearly two years as MP an ‘isolating’ experience, did not ‘belong’

In her June 15 farewell speech, Mumilaaq Qaqqaq castigated the House of Commons, calling the institution one that was ’created off the backs, trauma, and displacement of Indigenous people.’

‘This Chamber is a place of history and of decisions, good and sometimes not so good’: 12 MPs deliver farewell speeches to House

On June 15, 12 MPs gave their farewell speeches with it unclear whether Parliament will return in the fall or an election will stop them from appearing in the Chamber again.

Canada can do more to boost global vaccination rates, say advocates, despite G7 pledge

News|By Neil Moss
Canada's pledge of 100-million vaccine doses won't come at the expense of its domestic supply. 'Canadians may switch from vaccine envy to vaccine guilt,' says Nicolas Moyer.
House Speaker Anthony Rota is currently reviewing Conservative House Leader Gérard Deltell's question of privilege over the government's refusal to abide by an order of the House to release unredacted documents related to the firing of two scientists from Winnipeg's National Microbiology Laboratory. The Hill Times photographs by Andrew Meade and Sam Garcia

As Liberals trumpet merits of NSICOP, opposition MPs want ‘supremacy of Parliament’ respected

News|By Neil Moss
The government failed to abide by an order of the House to turnover unredacted documents related to the firing of two scientists at a Winnipeg lab leading to a Conservative question of privilege.

Green Party debacle has done irreparable damage to its chances across the country

Opinion|By Sheila Copps
Annamie Paul could survive by recanting the threats tweeted by her former staffer. But it is hard to see how the internal strife is going to do anything but consign the Greens to the scrap heap of political history.

Ford takes the easy way out

Opinion|By Gerry Nicholls
While gagging unions might make things simpler for Doug Ford, it also makes it harder to safeguard democracy

NDP MP McPherson out-classes Alberta Conservatives every day in Commons

Opinion|By Douglas Roche
Alberta's lone NDP MP Heather McPherson has become a chief nemesis of Alberta Premier Jason Kenney and also has a federal minister dancing to her tune.

MPs, advocates call for funding, education, action to crush ‘shadow pandemic’ of domestic violence

News|By Alice Chen
The approach taken needs to get to the “root causes of violence … and provide support for survivors under a cohesive framework,” Paulette Senior, CEO of the Canadian Women’s Foundation said.

It’s time for Canada and the G7 to make the fight against modern slavery a priority

After more than a year of suffering, and disruption of supply chains, why not seize the opportunity to rebuild the global economy on a more ethical basis, more concerned with the common good and a better world.

Bloc blames Liberals for delaying bill to end supply management concessions

News|By Neil Moss
The Bloc Québécois private member's bill has broad political support, but some trade analysts say it could hamper future trade negotiations.

Strong corruption response weapon of choice in the new cold war between liberal democracy and authoritarianism

Opinion|By Joseph Ingram
If the Canadian government is serious about countering the authoritarian threat to liberal democracy it needs to proactively support the creation of the International Anti-Corruption Court.

Western ‘leadership’ over past 30 years has been a disaster for much of the world

Opinion|By David Crane
Now, it seems, the G7 answer is to blame many of the world’s problems on China with the U.S. pushing G7 partners to become allies in a costly and dangerous new Cold War. The challenge is for the G7 to lead by example.

True leadership would see Trudeau attend NATO summit virtually as Canadians await COVID-19 vaccines

All the important decisions—predictably about the pullout from Afghanistan by Sept. 11, coping with non-NATO member Ukraine, and the evolving cyber threat landscape—were announced in the last few weeks, and Canada didn’t need to be present to declare it would host a NATO Centre for Excellence on Climate Change.

Vaping group tops April outreach in record-breaking month for lobbying

Lobbyists filed 2,706 communications last month, pushing activity up 12 per cent compared to April 2020 and making it the busiest April on record.

January lobbying picks up from holiday slump

News|By Beatrice Paez
Unifor president Jerry Dias says union representatives 'spent the lion’s share' of their time pressing the government to move forward on a rescue package for the aerospace and airline sectors.

New quarantine measures won’t affect hotel industry’s bottom line, but may create more stress, say stakeholders

News|By Alice Chen
'I don’t really see this as a benefit to hotels because of the incredible applications in logistics that would have to occur,' says Conservative transport critic Stephanie Kusie.

Grenier leaves CBC; Petty to guest host Power & Politics this summer; Zainab Al-Mehdar joins Hill Times news team

Feature|By Alice Chen
Plus Carleton University bestows honorary degrees project marks 10 years since Layton's passing.

Hargreaves exits as chief of staff to Associate Finance Minister Fortier

Feature|By Laura Ryckewaert
Plus, Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan, Foreign Affairs Minister Marc Garneau and Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland all have new policy advisers on board.

New vision for National Press Building requested after years of decline

News|By Alice Chen
After years of bleeding media tenants due to short-term leases, rent hikes, and limited space, Parliamentary Press Gallery members want a new, collaborative relationship with the building's federal landlord.

MP Dzerowicz’s foray into Reddit hits a few snags

Feature|By Alice Chen
Plus, Jack Harris and Wayne Easter call it quits and Canada Day won’t be celebrated on the Hill again this year.

Some Pontiac constituents ‘puzzled,’ after Grit MP Amos caught exposing himself during House virtual proceedings again, says Low Down to Hull and Back News publisher

Feature|By Palak Mangat
Plus, Canada's former top doc has joined a COVID-19 testing contractor tapped by Ottawa, and Conservative MP Michelle Rempel Garner shares her secret for a comfortable stroll around the parliamentary precinct.

New caucus services, communications heads tapped for the LRB

Feature|By Laura Ryckewaert
Health Minister Patty Hajdu recently lost her press secretary, Cole Davidson, to the Liberal research office, where he’s now busy as director of communications.

How to achieve balance between environmental stewardship and the resource economy

In Canada, whether or not we like to acknowledge it, this balance rests between resource extractive companies and Indigenous communities. There is no way around this discourse.

Ottawa’s fixation with trees and climate: what exactly are we planting?

Opinion|By Ben Parfitt
Governments around the world, Canada’s included, tend to focus narrowly on the carbon benefits associated with tree-planting while largely, or completely, ignoring the debit side of the ledger.

Canadian standards keep forestry industry towering above the rest

Opinion|By Ian Lee
Privileged urbanites must become mindful of demanding unsustainable forestry practices far in excess of the very high sustainable forestry standards that have been adopted in Canada.

O’Regan will need energy to tackle challenges in ‘super-sensitive’ natural resources portfolio

'Seamus has been quiet in the portfolio, but it appears that he has concentrated on working with industry and stakeholders, and building those relationships,' says former Liberal adviser Scott Reid.

A nuclear start-up company could undermine Canada’s global non-proliferation policy: experts

Important national and international issues are at stake, and conscientious Canadians should sit up and take notice. Parliamentarians of all parties owe it to their constituents to demand more accountability.
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, pictured on March 16, 2016, announcing Canada's bid for a non-permanent seat on the UN Security Council. The ultimately unsuccessful campaign for the seat had all the hallmarks of a partisan campaign, something that Adam Chapnick says is detrimental to Canada's success on the UNSC. Prime Minister's Office photo courtesy of Adam Scotti

The definitive history of Canada’s role on the United Nations Security Council

The first definitive history of Canada's time on the UN Security Council is a must read for anyone interested in Canadian foreign policy.
Harold Johnson’s book Peace and Good Order is among five shortlisted books for this year's Shaughnessy Cohen Prize for Political Writing.
Feature|Beatrice Paez
'I kind of just go ahead and do what I feel I should do, and get myself into situations where I’m thinking, "Oh, everybody here knows more than I do. But anyway, here goes." It served me very well,' says former Supreme Court chief justice Beverley McLachlin.
Feature|Mike Lapointe
Patterns of interference, intimidation, and harassment of individual Canadians by the Chinese Communist Party ‘demand a response’ from the Canadian government, says veteran journalist Jonathan Manthorpe in his 2019 book.
Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland, pictured Sept. 14, 2020, arriving for last week's cabinet retreat in Ottawa before Parliament resumes on Sept. 23. Economic and fiscal plans must be tied to economic scenarios with unmeasurable probabilities. Finance ministers around the world will be under pressure to change the way they prepare budgets, writes Kevin Page. The Hill Times photograph by Andrew Meade

COVID-19: economic impacts and prospects

Opinion|Kevin Page
There are some potential game changers for outcomes—a vaccine; and a resurgence in international leadership and cooperation. Closer to home, we need a Canadian economic recovery plan that will boost confidence in the future with strategic and measured investments in long-term challenges and adjustment support for Canadians and businesses left behind by the coronavirus.
Feature|Beatrice Paez, Neil Moss, Mike Lapointe, Samantha Wright Allen, and Abbas Rana
In what was supposed to be a period in which backbenchers and the opposition could wield more influence over the political debate, power and influence is arguably even more concentrated among a narrow cast of mostly familiar figures.
If we want to really honour Shannen Koostachin and the many children like her—we need to speak up, keep talking until government takes immediate action to end the inequality. If they don’t—vote them out because kids like Shannen are worth the money. The time for patience is over.
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Trudeau uses Mulroney’s negotiating playbook to deal with Trump the right way, says author of new book

In an overview of ex-PM Brian Mulroney's foreign policy, political scientist Fen Hampson writes that he was a 'master of persuasion' who cultivated deep ties and outsized influence with U.S. presidents.
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Conservative Leadership 2022
South Africa remains hopeful for Canada’s support given both countries’ shared values for human rights. Saving lives is a human rights issue.
Indigenous Services Canada also had ‘weaknesses’ in its PPE planning, but responded to COVID-related requests in a ‘timely manner,’ a new federal audit found.
Opinion|Deanna Horton
We might also give some consideration to the notion that a Canada-U.S. joint border management framework might better prepare us for the next pandemic.
We need to drive important, supported, and safe conversations on what personal and community mental health truly means to shine the light in on the healing that is needed.
The functional purpose of the PMPRB is no longer relevant.
Canada should explore the adoption of sector-based and career pathways models and invest in testing and scaling up those models that show the most promise.
Section 33 threatens the even application of the law, it undermines individual rights and freedom of expression, and it handcuffs the judiciary.
Opinion|Erica Ifill
O’Toole had a seat at the table that spawned the Islamophobic rhetoric and campaign platform of the hate-filled 2015 federal election, but it is Harper whose Islamophobic policies got the ball rolling.
Opinion|Ernie Daniels
If we get it right, Bill C-15 can set us the right path to create the partnerships between First Nations, governments and investors that will help make reconciliation a reality.
Feature|Jim Creskey

Keeping the bailiff from repossessing your car: the case for a basic income

In their new book The Case for Basic Income, Jamie Swift and Elaine Power vigorously demonstrate that basic income programs have been tried and measured in several countries. In Canada, they have been tested in Manitoba and Ontario—with clearly positive results.
Feature|Mark Jaccard

Jaccard offers up solid advice on what citizens can do to fight climate change

The following an excerpt from Mark Jaccard's The Citizen’s Guide to Climate Success: Overcoming Myths That Hinder Progress, one of five books nominated for this year’s Donner Prize for the best public policy book of the year.

Chief Government Whip Holland hires two committees advisers and an executive assistant

Danick LaFrance and Matthew Trnkus are new committees advisers to the Chief Government Whip.

Fisheries Minister Jordan promotes new policy head

Plus, International Trade Minister Mary Ng has a new press secretary following Youmy Han’s recent exit for the Prime Minister’s Office.
Feature|Alice Chen

Hill titans clash in a breakfast battle

Plus, Proof Strategies celebrates its 10-year Ottawa anniversary and Brian and Mila Mulroney get honorary degrees.
Feature|Palak Mangat

‘Breathtakingly candid’ memoir from former Liberal MP Celina Caesar-Chavannes among finalists for coveted Shaughnessy Cohen prize

Plus, there are now two Liberal-minded politicos vying for the top civic job in different cities, and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is spotted sporting a cane after a frisbee toss.

Federal cybersecurity workers heading for strike votes following bargaining impasse

With the two sides having been at the bargaining table for almost two years following the expiry of the most recent collective agreement, strike votes are scheduled to run from Feb. 11 to 24.

No more Hill parties, after coronavirus pandemic forces Parliament Hill to shut down

'Politics and the Pen is probably the exact opposite of social distancing. We cram so many people into the ballroom that you can barely keep one to two inches away,' says Jim Armour.  

Sorbara makes ’em howl at the Métropolitain

Pat Sorbara's new book, Let 'em Howl, offers lessons learned over a more than four-decade career in federal and provincial politics as a high-ranking Liberal backroomer.
Feature|Neil Moss

Alleged assassin needs to be sent back to Bangladesh, says new envoy

New Bangladeshi High Commissioner Khalilur Rahman also hopes to see Canada hand over its unused COVID-19 vaccines.
Feature|Neil Moss

‘Cautious optimism’ in talks to reopen non-essential travel with Canada, says new EU envoy

EU Ambassador Melita Gabrič says Canada and the European Union are planning for an in-person summit at the 'highest level.'

NAC to host swishy Oct. 3 gala with singer Diana Ross

Tuesday, August 3rd, 2021
Former prime minister Stephen Harper, pictured in the 2015 election campaign in New Brunswick, will be speaking at the Canadian Club in Toronto on Oct. 11.  The Hill Times photograph by Andrew Meade
Plus, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is expected to join other leaders of Francophonie member states in Yerevan, Armenia on Oct. 11 and 12 for the French-speaking nations' biennial leaders' summit.

During a press tour of Centre Block on June 16, 2021, a worker removes a stained glass window.

The Hill Times photograph by Sam Garcia
The Hill Times file photograph by Jake Wright
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