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By that logic, 2006 Oscar-winner, The Departed, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Matt Damon, directed by Marin Scorsese, set in Boston and made entirely in English, is a Chinese movie, because it was based on the 2002 Hong Kong film, Infernal Affairs, writes Maureen Parker. Image courtesy of The Departed

The only conundrum for Cancon is its continued conflation with foreign service production

We need a system that preferably recognizes the importance of key creative talent being Canadian—full stop.
The report was not suppressed but was actually used as a roadmap by the office of the Senate ethics officer with which to do their work.
Opinion|By Alejandro Adem
The thoughtful progress of Canadian society depends upon our ability to provide scientific, evidence-informed support for our policy development.
Opinion|By Sharleen Gale
Our members want better engagement and collaboration with industry, and industry wants better engagement with us.
Opinion|By Andrew Caddell
As the bad news of downed Flight 752, COVID-19, and India’s protests piled on, the tale of David Ayres' magical night was a warm hearth in a cold month.
Opinion|By Erica Ifill
If we really want to push feminist policies, alleviate intersectional barriers, and achieve equity, then we’ll have to get our hands dirty, challenge power, and revolt.35
Opinion|By Scott Taylor
With close quarters the norm, it does not take much imagination to realize just how challenged the military would be to contain an outbreak in their ranks.
In a year when American voters are longing for both change and normalcy, electability trumps all other arguments.
Hill Times Columnists

Our government must be held accountable to ensure that far-right ideology is removed from policies and practices of institutions that exist to serve and protect Canadians.
Patience is a form of leadership, even if it doesn’t get a good soundbite. We tend to believe that patient and respectful dialogue looks weak in these times of the strongman world leader.
The term 'small-c conservative' refers in Canada to so-called 'ideological' conservatives—as opposed to members of the 'big-C' Conservative Party, who are often 'small-l liberals.' However, 'small-c conservatism' is arguably still a broader term than 'social conservatism,' within the Conservative Party. 'Small-c conservatives' are the heart and soul of the party.
Opinion|Malcolm Bruce
Three global trends in particular present a unique opportunity for Alberta and, indeed, all of Canada to use innovation to its advantage.
Opinion|Scott Taylor
A new exhibition at the Canadian War Museum aims to condemn those who carried out crimes against humanity in Latvia in 1941 and beyond.
As the world faces a pandemic, a dubiously performative president of the United States sets the stage.
Opinion|Erica Ifill
If police use of facial recognition technology continues to spread, what we will create is structural discrimination with ramifications that fall on racial fault lines. If you think Canada is divided now, just wait.
There is no question there is now, and has been, disparity and adversity in our society: but it is a test of our character as to how we respond.
Hill Times Columnists

Barring a miraculous containment of COVID-19, it looks like it will take more than a round of rate cuts by central banks to significantly mitigate the onrushing economic crunch.
Opinion|Tim Powers
Appealing to your base today has merit. But to telegraph your plans for six months from now, when a very different set of political circumstances will prevail, is not the best strategy.
Opinion|Corey Shefman
Until Canadians and our governments start seeing the rule of law through the lens of colonialism, there will be no justice for Indigenous peoples and no peace for Canadian’s colonial institutions.
Opinion|Anshuman Guar
As the Canadian government reiterates its strong commitment to environmental protection without compromising economic growth, it would find in India a willing and able partner in this endeavour.
The prime minister has torights first, embrace the full complexity of reconciliation and make it clear to all Canadians that while the road ahead will not always be easy, it is the only path to a just and sustainable f
Opinion|David Crane
If we want to build a successful Canadian society, we have to find a better way of ensuring that more of the talent and research ends up with strong IP assets in Canadian companies.
In the present day, there are modifications possible within the ‘colonial’ framework. But you don't burn down the village to save it. And binary descriptions don’t help the cause of reconciliation.
The rule of law applies equally to everyone; no one is above the law. Yet the rule of law has never been well-defined or equally applied for Indigenous peoples.
Hill Times Columnists

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