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Senate committee talks heat up, Dalphond and Sinclair ready motion on reforms 

The striking of Senate committees was held up by negotiations over the annual budgets for each group in the Senate.
Justice Minister David Lametti wants a parliamentary review to answer questions about MAID for minors and mental illness, but it’s not clear who will be in charge.
News|By Neil Moss
'The precedent has been set,' says Senator Percy Downe of Parliamentarians being able to modify trade agreements, following changes made to the new NAFTA by U.S. House Democrats.
We need a system that preferably recognizes the importance of key creative talent being Canadian—full stop.
The report was not suppressed but was actually used as a roadmap by the office of the Senate ethics officer with which to do their work.
Plus, Health Minister Patty Hajdu is slated to appear before the House Health Committee for a briefing on her mandate letter.
Feature|By Kate Malloy
Laura Trethewey talks about her new book, The Imperilled Ocean: Human Stories From a Changing Sea.
Opinion|By Alejandro Adem
The thoughtful progress of Canadian society depends upon our ability to provide scientific, evidence-informed support for our policy development.
Opinion|By Sharleen Gale
Our members want better engagement and collaboration with industry, and industry wants better engagement with us.
News|By Palak Mangat
'We have a responsibility to make sure Canada is ready for all scenarios,' Prime Minister Justin Trudeau told reporters Wednesday, as he announced a $1-billion package aimed at mitigating the spread.
The ‘traditional playbooks of smaller government, lower taxes, tough on crime,’ wont work to widen the blue tent, says one candidate. ‘We need to break the ceiling and win the support of more Canadians.’
Opinion|By Scott Taylor
With close quarters the norm, it does not take much imagination to realize just how challenged the military would be to contain an outbreak in their ranks.
Opinion|By Joseph Ingram
In selecting their policy direction, the prime minister and his deputy need to act practically, while at the same time doing the right thing for Canadians, including those in Alberta and Saskatchewan.
The impacts of climate change will affect nearly all people across Canada, but to different extents and in different ways; we must remember this as we plan and implement adaptation actions.
Opinion|By Rebecca Kudloo
Including funding in Budget 2020 to enhance access to safety for Inuit women and girls would show tangible action from the federal government on the MMIWG report’s recommendations.
Opinion|By Jessica Green
Instead of plowing money into risky and potentially outmoded investments, policymakers should focus their energy on building popular support for decarbonization by providing immediate political benefits to voters.
Opinion|By Les Whittington
The contest is already shaping up as the ugliest, most surreal, and out-of-bounds campaign in modern times.
In 2018-19, federal departments and agencies missed 509 performance targets out of the 2,011 targets tracked with a deadline of March 2019.
Meeting net-zero targets—for both the industry and the federal government—will require immediate and significant investments into research and development. And once again: skepticism is warranted.
Opinion|By Carlos A. Murillo
Our country’s regulatory system and policy environment is not broken and unworkable. But it can certainly be improved.
Feature|By Neil Moss
'I believe that our relationship for all these years has been guided by state policy,' says Marcelino Medina González.
Canadian investors continue to flee their own country for more favourable investment climates.

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