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The old U.S. Embassy building across from Parliament Hill at 100 Wellington St. has been vacant since 1998. Plans for a new use for the space are currently being considered by Public Services and Procurement Canada. The Hill Times photograph by Sam Garcia

Feds paid more than $40-million in 2016 to maintain vacant, partially vacant buildings

There are 22 such federal buildings in the National Capital Region, some of which are under renovation.
Feature|By Murray Dobbin
If economists and politicians actually want to change Canada's economic situation before it descends into full-on dystopia they must, as a UN report recently recommended, “…jettison neoliberal ideology.”
The more Canadians who are given the opportunity to become innovators, the greater the potential for Canada to succeed as an innovation nation.
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has not really been battle-tested, meaning we don’t know how his government will handle an unexpected adversity, writes Gerry Nicholls.
It is important not to use past events as predictors of future ones. We may never see waves of 9/11s carried out by the far right. Let’s hope so.
Indoor cultivation methods are a byproduct of the illegality of marijuana. Once legal in Canada, it is likely the preferred growing method will be outdoor/sun-grown, which is less-energy intensive.
A bill tabled this month does nothing to prevent a repeat of the uproar after the 2011 switch from mandatory to voluntary long-form census.
Donald Trump, Brexit, the fall of Aleppo, and many celebrity deaths are among the highlights of what was a depressing 2016.
Hill Times Columnists

There is a growing literature on the subject of 'leaving terrorism' and I cannot disagree with the fact that some people do indeed abandon previously held ideas and commitments; it’s just that I cannot see a foolproof way forward.
People are complicated and so are terrorists who, after all, are people. We need to stop reducing a complex phenomenon to oversimplified models.
The federal and provincial governments need to work together to create better solutions to food insecurity, Senators hear.
Women in Parliament played key roles on both sides of the aisle this year.
The hidden-agenda charge was used against former prime minister Stephen Harper during every campaign he fought, and now the comments of an Ontario MPP has raised similar suspicions.
Canada has the same obligation, as well as the same opportunity, to bring marginalized Canadians into our innovation sector. The government recognizes this challenge and should look closely at Israel as a model for how to bridge social gaps and build a truly inclusive economy.
Expect Palestine to be a major point of debate in the NDP race.
His plan rests on a fragile political infrastructure that could be blown away by contrary electoral winds.
Researchers studying a similar Australian program suggested that for every $1 invested, $3 in social, economic, and cultural value is created.
DeAdder's Take
Spin Doctors
Hill Times Columnists

Automation is eating into China's newly gained industrial jobs too. A recent Citibank report estimated that 77 per cent of Chinese jobs are at risk from automation, and in India there is talk of 'premature deindustrialisation.' That would not just mean continuing poverty for many, but huge political turmoil—populist revolutions and super-Trumps.
Canadian soldiers deploying to Latvia will quickly find themselves bored gormless.
Start talking to voters about them, not you.
Have most of the ‘250,000 civilians trapped’ in the city’s east suddenly become invisible because they were never really there in the first place?
To ensure that potential is not squandered, we’ll need to see three big federal moves early in the year on housing, climate, and transit.
Hill Times Columnists

'Sometimes the government is just spitballing and hoping for the best,' says CTF federal director Aaron Wurdick.
Terrorism is not an existential threat. We need to confront it on multiple levels but we cannot give in to narrow policies and laws that undermine our overwhelming strength: the fact that our ways of life and societies are far superior to whatever the terrorists can offer.
Justin Trudeau's honeymoon has turned into a stable marriage. Nathaniel Erskine-Smith has guts. Dominic LeBlanc needs to get back his mojo. Jody Wilson-Raybould and Jane Philpott are future leadership material. Maryam Monsef needs to get better.
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